About Us

About Us

Mitchell’s Place specializes in improving the lives of children affected by autism and other developmental disabilities.  We use quality diagnostic, educational and therapeutic services provided by highly skilled therapy teams to unlock each child’s potential.  These teams work to remediate social, communicative, adaptive and academic functioning while simultaneously reducing and decelerating maladaptive behavior.  


At Michell’s Place, we employ highly qualified and caring therapists, analysts and teachers to implement each child’s treatment and instruction.  We provide accurate and on-going assessment to create individualized and comprehensive treatment plans. In addition, we empower our parents with the specific skills essential to support their child’s learning.  


Together, with dedicated parents and families, we are committed to unlocking each child’s potential with the aim of improving the quality of life for our clients and families.  

History of Mitchell’s Place

Mitchell’s Place was established in 2005 after Nancy and Allen Meisler became frustrated by the lack of services and autism treatment options for their son, Mitchell. Allen and Nancy spent years searching for a facility to help their son, only to realize no full-service facilities existed in the state of Alabama. Through there constant advocacy and support, Mitchell’s Place has now served over 2,000 families throughout the South East. 


Mitchell’s Place works to meet the growing need for specialized services for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), and their families, in the greater Birmingham area and across the state.